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Yes, we know, rain can be really annoying, especially when you are surrounded by forests and tracks that are waiting to be discovered and explored! But even in the rainy days, Val di Sole and Trentino can find a way to make you love them. The TRENTINO GUEST CARD gives you the chance to take advantage also of those days, that seem to be created just to lie on the bed. Here you find some tips:

- CASTEL CALDES, just few Km far from Monorc. This castle is on a small hump at the entry of the small village of Caldes. The castle is known also for the legend of "Olinda and Arunte": in the castle's towe, there is a completely frescoed room called Olinda's prison. According to the legend, the countess Marianna Elisabetta Thun was locked in this tower by her father Redemondo, to avoid her marriage with Arunte, the court minstrel, with whom she had fallen in love. The countess died of love in this very tower and it is believed that she realized all the frescoes. Castel Caldes also hosts a lot of art exhibition: now (until November, 2nd) you can admire the Cavallini Sgarbi Collection. Free entrance with the TGC. Reachable with the Dolomiti Express (free with the TGC).

- CASTEL THUN. This castle rises up at the top of the hill above the village Vigo di Ton, with a view over the whole Val di Non. The way the castle looks today comes from some restoration works that took place in the 6th and 7th centuries. The furniture of the castle give the visitors a portrait of a castle that was inhabited until the secon d half of the 20th century. Furthermore, the castle is the fourth branch of the Castello del Buonconsiglio Museum. Monuments and provincial colelctions.  Free entrance with the TGC.

- CASTELLO DEL BUONCONSIGLIO (Castle of the "good advice"). It is one of the most famous Trento's buildings and among the biggest monumental complex of Trentino Alto Adige. From the 13th until the end of the 18th century it was the residence of the prince bishops of Trento. It is composed of buildings from different ages, all enclosed in a surrounding wall and in a raised position compared to the city. It was once called Castello del "Malconsiglio" (castle of the "bad advice") and it was believed to be the witches' favourite place for their rituals. People believe it is also haunted: a young, white-dressed woman has been seen several times while washing the clothes in the castle's laundry. Free entrance with the TGC. Reachable with the Dolomiti Express (free with the TGC).

And for the art-, history-, science lovers, or for those who want to discover our traditions...

- MUSEO DELLA CIVILTA' SOLANDRA, in Malè. It is an etnographic museum, located at the ground floor of the ex "Palazzo Pretorile". The museum gathers together different objects and tools, that represent  memories and traditions of the people from Val di Sole: agriculture, sylviculture, cheesemaking, handcraft (carpenter, blacksmith, minor handcraft, weaving), with an accurate recreation of the domestic spaces. Free entrance with the TGC. Reachable with the Dolomiti Express (free with the TGC).

- MUSEO DELLA GUERRA BIANCA, in Vermiglio. The exposition, that was set up in 2006 at the "Polo Culturale" in Vermiglio, presents the collection of finds and relics belonging to Emilio Serra. Those objects were found in the mountains of Val di Sole, near Passo del Tonale and the mountains Adamello and Presanella.  Free entrance with the TGC.

- MUSE, in Trento. "Muse" is  a brand new science spread center. It puts together the traditional interest for science and research and a particular attention for ethical and sociale themes, such as ecology and aco-friendly development. Free entrance with the TGC. Reachable with the Dolomiti Express (free with the TGC).

- MART, in Rovereto. It's a contemporary art museum. The collection is amazingly rich: from Futurism to Metaphysics, from Poor Art to Concept Art, to the most modern experimentations. Every year different art exhibitions are organized.  Free entrance with the TGC.

Even when it's raining, you have something to explore! #thereismoretoexplore

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