26 Jun 2022



Hey Explorer!

Are you ready for an exploring summer?  Also this year we have been looking for super routes, to make you discover the most beautiful and least known places between Val di Sole, Val di Peio and Rabbi.

Trekkings in front of the massive Brenta Dolomites, or to discover small fairytale places above Ortisè. A slow exploration guided by Attilio, who will teach you how to love and appreciate mountain's semplicity.

And then e- bike tours full of adrenaline, a more energetic exploration with Andrea.

We can't wait to prepare our backpack and take you to dicover these wonderful places!

Come on, fill in your wishlist and..stay tuned!

MONDAY_HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE EDELWEISS? Exploration in the middle of the Brenta Dolomites. Set off at 9.00 from MONROC, with our minibus (maximum 8 people) we will reach the parking lot of Malga Pozza Vecia (Campo Carlo Magno). We start walking on a white road to reach Malga Vaglianella and then the pasture of Malga Vagliana. We climb up to Dos del Sparaver, at an altitude of 2140 meters, where we can also admire the edelweiss. We cross suggestive plains at the base of the Pietra Grande among prairies, larches and pines in a natural terrace among the most evocative of the Brenta group and with a high geological and botanical interest. We go down to the Boch alpine cottage for a short break. We close our ring flanking Malga Boch and return, always on a  white road. Return to the hotel at approximately 3.00 pm. Difficulty level: medium. Time: 4.30h. Minimum 2 participants. 

TUESDAY_ENJOY THE SILENCE IN VAL DI RABBI. (until the end of September) Have you ever tried a trekking at dawn? If the answer is yes, close your eyes and try to recall those emotions. Silence, the rays of the sunshine that warm up the air, the intense aroma of the Val di Rabbi's forest in the early morning. Set off at 6.30 am, with the first lights of a new day and the sound of the awakening nature around us.  And if you add the tasty breakfast of the Malga Stablasolo you won't go home anymore! When Attilio will be able to persuade you to leave, he will take you for a short trekking before going back to MONROC around 12.30 pm. Set off at 6.30 with our minibus (capacity 8 seats). Length of the tour: 10 km.  Difficulty level: medium. 

TUESDAY AFTERNOON_E-BIKE TOUR* WITH ANDREA_VALPIANA – CAPRIOLI LAKE_Until the end of September: Set off from Monroc at 2.30 pm. Through the cycle lane, we ride to Ossana and the San Michele Castle, to reach then Valpiana. Once there, we will ride through the valley up tp the Malga Valpiana. We wil continue on a white road that will take us to the Malga Bassa di Fazzon and the beautiful Caprioli lake. From there we will go downhill to Pellizzano to take the cycle lane again to Monroc. We will be back around 6 pm. Difficulty level: easy. Sign up within 6.00 pm of the previous day. Difficulty level: medium. Minimum 2 participants. .

WEDNESDAY_E-BIKE TOUR VAL MELEDRIO. Set off from MONROC at 9:00 am. First stop is Costa Rotian, followed by the "Lec" path that takes us to Val Meledrio. Going uphill through this valley, we will reach Malga Mondifrà. Then we will continue our tour towards Malga Vigo and Malga di Darè. We will then go downhill to Folgarida, from where we will come back to Monroc (around 1 pm). Difficulty level: medium. Sign up within 6 pm of the previous day. At least 2 attendees.

THURSDAY_WALKING BETWEEN THE ALPINE HUTS. Set off at 9.00 from MONROC. With our minibus (maximum 8 people) we will reach the parking lot of the Malga Stabli, which is located just above the village of Ortisè. We set off on an easy forest road in the middle of the woods towards Malga Bronzolo (2084mt). We soon arrive to the "Baito degli Alpini" where we enjoy a broad view of the Val di Sole, the Brenta Dolomites and the Presanella. We continue on a flat path crossing the Valetta stream and then begin the steep descent towards Malga Stabli where we can enjoy a typical dish to recharge ourselves and return to the starting point. Expected return to the hotel at 3 pm. Level of difficulty: medium. Time: 4.30h. Minimum 2 participants. 

FRIDAY_E-BIKE TOUR "SENTIERO VAL DI SOLE". Set off from MONROC at 9.00 am. With the e-bike we ride through the cycle lane down to Cis. Above the village, we take the path "Val di Sole" that takes to the small village of San Giacomo (few centuries ago it was called "Solasna" and there is a beautiful gothic church). From San Giacomo we continue to Terzolas. Next stop is Pracorno (Val di Rabbi) and the Mulino Ruatti. The way back willbe through the small villages of the low Val di Sole: Malè, Croviana, Monclassico and Presson, where we will take the cycle lane again to ride back to MONROC. Difficulty level: easy. Sign up within 6 pm of the previous day. At least 2 attendees. 

SATURDAY_THE SONG IN THE WOODS. Set off at 8.30 from MONROC. With our minibus (maximum 8 people) we will reach Pejo Paese. We set off on a grassy road towards the Croce dei Bagni and the panoramic pitch from which we can appreciate the view over the entire Val di Pejo. In the flat section we find some larch sculptures that lead us to Malga Talè, renovated by the Stelvio National Park and used as an educational center on tetraonids called "the forest of the grouse". After visiting the museum we continue among larch and fir trees along the path that takes us to Masi di Marassina. Crossing flowery fields we go to Gaggio, we begin to descend and we admire some alpine "masi" that take us above the village of Peio. Expected return to the hotel at 3 pm. Level of difficulty: medium. Time: 4.30h. Minimum 2 participants. Sign up within 6.00 pm of the previous day. Available languages ITALIAN and GERMAN.

SUNDAY_FORTS TOUR WITH E-BIKE*:  Set off at 9.00 am from Monroc. We reach Mezzana through the cycle lane, there we will start riding through the old lane towards Passo del Tonale. On a dirt path we will first get to Vermiglio, then Velon and Malga Pecè. From there we will go up to Passo del Tonale, staying on the dirt path. Once we will be there, we will go on through Sentiero della Pace, that takes us to Ospizio San Bartolomeo first, and then to Forte Mero ruins. From Forte Mero we will reach Forte Zaccarana, before starting a long downhill to Forte Strino, from where the dirt path will bring us back to Vermiglio. Once in Vermiglio we will take the way back to Ossana to conclude our tour. We will be back in MONROC around 2.30 pm. Sign up within 6 pm of the previous day. Difficulty level: medium/difficult. At least 2 attendees. 


*E-bike excursions are suitable for those who are experienced with MTB- up and downhill. The tours are on white roads and mountain paths.

*Itineraries may change. Upon your arrival at the hotel you can consult the final program.

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