02 Oct 2023



Autumn is a beautiful season: it represents the end of summer and the beginning of the way towards winter with an explosion of colours and scents.

The time to explore is not finished yet...on the other hand, this is the right moment to enjoy the nature with all its features.

Less crowded paths, warm days to totally feel the nature's energy.

Even the most well-known spots change during this season and every walk is a way to discover new corners to be captured in a shot!

We thought about some tips for you to explore the best places in their autumn version:

- CASTELLO, ORTISE' AND MENAS. These are "out of time" villages, that are nestled on the mountain side and that in autumn are "on fire" with their colours. You can reach them by taking the road on the right side after Mezzana and they definetely are the perfect places for great sabd unforgettable shots. You can walk through the villages' streets, or choose the path that takes you to Malga Stabli and Malga Bronzolo.

- THE OLD LARCHS IN VAL DI RABBI, larchs with golde needles. You can leave your car at the Coler parking space and then start walking along the path that takes you to Malga Stablasolo (CAI - SAT n. 106). Once you reach the alpine hut you can decide to continue on the same path (n. 106) up to Malga Prà di Saent or to take the path that leads to Saent waterfalls. After the waterfalls, the path will be the same as before. At the Malga Prà di Saent the track between the larchs begins.

- COVEL LAKE, the sky's mirror to admire the reflection of the autumn's colours. From Pejo Paese, the walk is about 6.5 km long and mostly flat (only the first part is steep). even if you have seen it during summer season, we suggest a visit to see it in its autumnal clothes.

- TOVEL LAKE, beautiful in all the season, absolutely perfect in autumn. Our advice is to avoid the week ends, in order to fully enjoy the beauty and the magic of the colours' reflections in the water. The lake can be reached by car or by shuttle bus through the valley that starts from the village of Tuenno in Val di Non (asphalted road, about 11 km). Throughout the summer and autumn weekends, traffic is interrupted at the "Capriolo", from which the shuttle departs to reach the lake directly. Once you reach the lake, a trip around it is a must to admire it from all perspectives!

- MALGHETTE LAKE, another charming place that changes according to the season. You can reach it from different routes, none of them is too challenging. In autumn the larchs in the woods around the lake change their colour in the sunset light. One of the ways to reach it is by starting from the Malga di Dimaro (reachable by car, paved road) and following the path 265 which in about an hour leads to the lake. The route is more or less 3 km long, with a difference in height of 230 m.

So come on, prepare your backpack and your camera (or smartphone) and start exploring!

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