20 Jul 2018


Sun, mountain, bikes, excursions, trekking...and for you, what's the best concept or word, which express better the summer feelings and vibes?!

We associate it not only with the innumerable activities you can do and with the #EXPLORER concept, but also with the flavours, to the tasty and to the gastronomy of our territory, Trentino, which has a precise savour. For us it is LIGHT, FRESH AND SPICY. 

That is perfectly reflected and brough every day at the table in our EXPLORER MENU' starting from the breakfast, to the dinner's buffet, to the first dishes, to the main courses at least until the desserts, all rigorously handmade. 

Our kitchen offers a perfect mix of Mediterranena and Trentino flavours, a winning match, also combined together with the tones of some wines, always from the Trentino region.

Our preferred recipes for summer!? Sweet or salty?! We reveal to you some of the dishes you are gonna find in our MENU' during summer season (between first dishes, main courses and desserts). 


Quinoa spiced with chicken curry, apple and exotic fruits 

Raviolo made with buckwheat flour filled with savroy cabbage, potatoes, Casolet (cheese) and its fondue 

Spirali (pasta) made with lupins flour spiced with octopus and small tomatoes 

Cous-cous timbale at black ink spiced with seafood 


Makrele Filet spiced with aromatic herbs and caramelized on lila potatoes mash 

Alpin trout fillet with asparagus 

Deer bites at Teroldego (wine) perfumed with juniper berries together with polenta from Storo 

Savoury pie with small "pachino" tomatoes caramelized with balsamic vinegar


    Black cake with dark chocolate ganache spiced with chili pepper 

    Small cake made with buck wheat flour with blueberry jam 

    Piece of cake with maracuja cream 

    Dessert made with ricotta (cheese cream) with strawberries 

    For us summer is also this, served directly at the table, together with the innumerable and different amusement possibilities Val di Sole offers all the tourists, who comes to visit and discover the valley

    So, enyoj Val di Sole... mainly the MONROC TASTES and enjoy the valley! 


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