30 Sep 2021




We want you to feel safe about your next experience at Monroc starting from now. For this reason, we’ve implemented new security measures to let you live your holiday with the lightness that it deserves.

  • WELCOME_before your arrival day, we will send you an e-mail in which we will invite you to enter your personal data for the check-in, so you can avoid to queue at the reception. Relax yourself, we’ve thought about everything. You have to bring your explorer mood with you, we will give you just a few information and your room’s key.
  • WE HAVE ROOM_ The big room of our restaurant helps us to organize the tables keeping the safety distance of 1 mt.
  • GOOD MORNING EXPLORER_our tasty buffet breakfast will have a new shape, but we don’t give up our selection. We kindly ask you to wear the mask, sanitize you hand at the beginning of our buffet and wait your turn . 
  • MOVE A LITTLE BIT_we all have to respect the safety distance of 1 mt between people. If this is not possible, remember to wear the face mask (in the hallways, while entering and leaving the restaurant and so on). There’s no need to wear the face mask while sitting at the table.
  • FRESH AIR_you will breathe fresh air not only during your walks, but also while you are at MONROC, as all the rooms and common spaces are equipped with a new system of air circulation. Its effectiveness has been certified, therefore you will always enjoy fresh and filtered air.
  • CLEANLINESS_We’ve always been very careful regarding cleanliness at MONROC and you’ve always noticed it. We use the right chemicals for a perfect hygiene and sanitization of all the spaces and for the laundry. Our staff is trained on the new safety and cleanliness procedures. We sanitize the common spaces several times a day. At the doorway to the restaurant and to the skiroom, in the Beauty & Wellness area and at the reception you can find the hand-sanitizing gel. However, don’t forget to wash your hands often with water and soap!
  • TABLA’ SPA_is waiting for you for new massages and treatments. Access to the wellness center is allowed only with a Green Pass or negative swab made no more than 48 hours before. Our girls will operate safely, wearing the face mask and the protective visor. The wellness center is open, everyday from 2 pm to 7.30 pm. In the sauna it is necessary to keep a distance of 2 meters from other guests, the access to the whirlpool is allowed only with your family or group of friends. Access to the different areas will be supervised. If you want to relax yourself, our SPA is the perfect place for it.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY_you can choose the flexible rate, which you can cancel up to 30 days before arrival day, or the EARLY BOOKING, with which we suggest you to take out an insurance (STORNHOTEL). Here you will find the answers to your questions regarding the cancellation.
  • MONROCPEOPLE_we will all be wearing face masks or protective visors but we will do our best to create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to ask us information, don’t hold your need to tell us your experiences back. We will continue to do it (always safely), if you are ok with it, because it is the best part of this place. We will not shake your hand, neither kiss or hug you (for now) but you can be sure that our smile is always there, under the face mask.



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