16 Dec 2020



We are all aware of it, this winter is gonna be a "special" one.

So, why shouldn't we take the chance to discover the other side of the wintry mountain?

It's not all about skiing, mountain can be lived in a slow way too and, why not, also with a rush of adrenaline.

This is what we suggest you to try in order to make your next holiday unique and unforgettable:

- SKI MOUNTAINEERING, the other face of the alpine ski. Forget about the comfort to reach the top of the mountain! With this sport you will have to sweat for it, with physical effort and concentration. But the fatigue of the climb will be imediately paid back: once you reach the peak, you can fully breathe the the crisp air that you can find only there. And the descent will be an explosion of energy and adrenaline! In order to practise this sport you need to have experience, physical strength, attention and knowledge of the mountain. Our suggestion is to rely on Alpine Guides, who will lead you to the discovery of this exciting sport.

- WALKS WITH SNOWSHOES. Once used out of necessity, when you had to move from one place to another during the winter, now the've became a way to enjoy the peace, quiet and slowness of the snowy landscapes. They will make you discover again the beauty of walking on the snow, without rush and with no fatigue. You can easily practise this activity on your own or, if you prefer, with the support of the Alpine guides. They will  lead you and they will give you important and curious information about our territory. If you observe carefully what's around you, you will be able to spot the imprints of the wild animals and, if you are lucky enough, maybe yoou will also able to see them!

- ICE CLIMBING. The cold of the ice will be destroyed by the heat of the adrenaline that will be in your body. It is a sport that requires silence and concentration and, of course, the guide of an expert an dthe right equipment. So, take your crampons and ice axes and discover this unparalleled experience!

- FAT BIKE. Who said that bike is a sport only for summer? In recent years, the FAT BIKE, the bicycle with "fat" wheels, designed to give stability even on snow, has become very popular. Our Val di Sole Bike Land is a land of bikers in winter too! You will hear the crunch of snow under the wheels and the descent is sure to take your breath away!

If you want to try one of these experiences let us know, we will give you all the information and we will organize everything.

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